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We learn president Campbell is having a same-sex extra marital affair. Not only is the affair with a man, but it’s with a Russian diplomat and US adversary. A grainy black and white sex tape (with surprisingly good sound quality) was leaked and posted to Spank's Bank (Aliena's version of PornHub). The URL was discovered and shared by an anonymous blogger before it started circulating in social media. In Aliena, the URL has been written in bathroom stalls, and published in adult magazine ads, which redirects to the porn website. The video was up for several weeks before the TAO found out, had it removed, and the source investigated. The video has dismissed as fake news by Campbell.

It’s important to note that viewers will not get actually see a porn. They can be directed to the website, and watch the first few minutes of the men interacting, but when they start to move closer to each other to kiss, the video stops and pop-up is generated with an error message that the video cannot be played at his has been removed at the government’s request violating terms of service – This achieves 2 things, first – it immerses the view in that reality for just a moment as the video is removed by the government in “real time”  but it  also demonstrates how the government now has over all channels of media

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