Logline: The Lost Cities seek out help from the Gods who ultimately turn their backs on the human race having once been humans themselves.

Short Synopsis: After suffering a brutal defeat by the T.A.O., The Lost Cities seek out the Nuwa demi-gods for their intervention and assistance. Having no interest in meddling with human affairs, the gods deny the Lost Cities' plea.

Additive Comprehension: This allows us to see the exchange between the Lost Cities and the Nuwa Gods prior to the alliance with the Chetonians to form the Manumit.

Demographic: Boys; ages 15-25

How Does This Demographic Consume Media: Social media, comics, movies, games

The Hero: The Lost Cities

The Physical Goal: Seeking the help and guidance from the Nuwa Gods after the defeat they faced from the TAO.

The Emotional Goal: Looking for a way to save their people and society in general.

Personal Obstacle: The Nuwa gods decide not to help and leave it up to the Lost Cities to find their way.

The Villain: The Nuwa gods

Justification: They decide to stay out of human affairs although they were once human.

Supporting Cast:

  • Nuwance Gods
  • Leaders of the Lost Cities


  • Nuwance
  • The Lost Cities

Medium: Self-published comic

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