TITLE: Quantum Expose Edit


Logline: The Alchemist study the DNA of this new species; the Chetonians in hopes to create a life extending serum to prolong the rule of the TAO leaders. 

Short Synopsis: The Alchemist caught a rare sighting of these creatures called the Chetonias, and found that they had a longer life expectance for creatures decedents of fish. They then asked to be able to use their DNA for further research into their creature of what would later be known as Serum B.

Additive Comprehension: It has character reveal, storyworld growth,origin story, and the rise of the new government over the years of unknown.

Demographic: Men,Women; ages 18-30 

How Does This Demographic Consume Media: Social media, books, film, radio 

The Hero: The TAO and Alchemist 

The Physical Goal: To use Chetonian DNA and technology to study life extending technology and they create Serum B. 

The Emotional Goal: They want to extend the lives of their highest government officials so that can continue to maintain the order in Alinea. 

Personal Obstacle: They reach out to study the Chetonians a race of underwater dwellers. 

The Villain: Alinean citizens

Justification: They are the people who believe the government became overbearing and needed a change so they ultimately defected. 

Supporting Cast: The Alchemist, The TAO , The Chetonians 

Locations: Johns Hopkins Medical Research Center , Dovongsoon, Alinea 

Medium: Novel

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