The face of what we once called earth has changed pursuant to the great Fu-Yun quake of 1931. The tectonic shifts moved some continents closer together, while others have broken apart and divided. Waters have receded in some areas, revealing once lost land masses such as the fabled continents of Lemuria (Mu) and Atlantis, while completely submerging other parts of the world (Bye, Felic...I mean Florida). The change in topography and oceanography called for a new name, the earth is now known as Falterra.


Formerly known as the United States, after the great Fu-Yun earthquake in 1931, the continent absorbed Mexico and part of South America, reforming itself as Alinea. It has become a global super-power, leading the world in both technology and economy. Despite (or perhaps because of) its powerhouse status, Aliena controls every aspect of its citizens lives; from birth, marriage, family composition, death, and even burial rites. It is now governed by the Trans-Alienian Order, under the leadership of President Seth Campbell.


We all knew it was bound to happen one day; California broke off and drifted into the Pacific Ocean. While technically an Alinean territory, it maintains its autonomy, and stays neutral in most world affairs. Because of its neutrality and close proximity to both Korea and Chetonia, the TAO has established its headquarters there as a small city-state outpost.


Also known as the four "Free Cities", these boroughs were established and led by citizen-defectors in order to be free from the corrupt rule and influence of the TAO. The Lost Cities have been assembling a resistance party, and secretly planning an overthrow of the TAO in an effort to take back Alinea.

The Lost Cities are comprised of:

  • Zhìlì
  • Gyohwalhan
  • Meiyo
  • Blasé


Once Lemuria was a fabled continent, sunken deep beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Now , after thousands of years the legendary civilization has risen again, and with it the discovery of its ancient and colorful inhabitants, the Chetonians.

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