R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World

Logline: Earth Quake resets the world in a new age.

Short Synopsis: Known to the general public as the "Great Quake" an underwater nuclear bomb was launched to simulate a natural disaster, but instead was part of Operation Reset. Operation Reset was set in place to bring a new era to the world creating Alinea as we know it.

Additive Comprehension: Historical layout of how Alinea is created and shows how Seth Campbell gets into office. 

Demographic: Men and women age 45-60 , homeowners, business owners who could effected by the quake 

How Does This Demographic Consume Media:Print, standard publications, film 

The Hero:President Roosevelt 

The Physical Goal:We see the beginning stages of the rebuild of society and hope began to come back. 

The Emotional Goal:To allow people a hopeful future. 

Personal Obstacle:Seth the current governor of Alabama is out to seek power and control over the American government. 

The Villain:Korea 

Justification:They are the driving force behind Seth Campbell and his election into power. 

Supporting Cast:The Korean Government ,Seth Campbell ,President Roosevelt 

Locations:Fuyun, Chine , White House, DC 


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