Logline: Seth and Korea defeat Roosevelt in re-election and create The TAO as the new world order

Short Synopsis: With two officials running, there is major government power support from Dae-Jung leads Seth to win the election. The Alchamist, research scientist, spot the Chetonias and work with them to get extensive research for the Serum they are working to extend life form.

Additive Comprehension: The progression of how the old government is taken-down and the new government rises. 

Demographic: Men and Women age 18-30 

How Does This Demographic Consume Media: Film

The Hero:President Roosevelt 

The Physical Goal:Show the shift in government thinking based on their new radical leaders after Roosevelt falls against Campbell. 

The Emotional Goal:We see that citizens are turning to the government for guidance and direction. 

Personal Obstacle:Seth and a Russian leader are caught in a released sex tape. 

The Villain:Seth Campbell and Dae-Jung; Korea's leader 

Justification:The world is influx and they see an opportunity to take control of the world. 

Supporting Cast:Seth Campell, Dae-Jung, Roosevelt 

Locations:America , The White House, Dobongsoon: The TAO Consulate 

Medium: Film

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