Logline: The TAO achieves medical advances to further their take over of the new world. 

Short Synopsis: After the extensive research, and trial period the Alchamist have made it now available for The Tao and those in power to have access to Serum B which will extend their lives and remain them at the same age they took the serum, to be able to continue ruling for a longer period of time.

Additive Comprehension: This fills in how the TAO comes to power and ultimately shapes the world of Faltera and the creation of Alinea. 

Demographic: Men and women; ages 18-30 

How Does This Demographic Consume Media: Limited Netflix Series 

The Hero:The Alchemist; creating Serum B, a life extending serum that they plan to use on high ranking government officials to preserve the world as we know it. 

The Physical Goal:Through the use of idol groups and the reintroduction of entertainment in Alinea the TAO unleash their plans to control Alinea's citizens while taking the leap into life extending technology. They extend the life of Campbell in 1969. 

The Emotional Goal:They believe that the world is in need of consistent rule and through the use of science they have achieved that goal. As the TAO release the idols into Alinea we see them began to reshape how society feels and thinks. 

Personal Obstacle:Their flaw is that the they are driven by their God complex and believe they have the right to play god with their lives and the lives of their citzens. 

The Villain: Alineannial citizens who don't agree to the medical advancements and introduction of Korean entertainment.

Justification:They feel that government should not have this amount of control over them and they believe life should be left to the Nuwa gods. 

Supporting Cast:Alchemist , The TAO ,Idols/Alineallials 

Locations:Alinea ,The TAO consulate , Johns Hopkins Medical Research Center 

Medium:Limited Netflix Series 

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