Logline: The TAO takes full control of Alinea through the use of idols in entertainment and proceeds to fulfill their wants of a forever government 

Short Synopsis: The TAO is now in full control of the Alineals and are restricting them from all forms of entertainment and only focusing on Korean Pop Music as their for of entertainment.

Additive Comprehension: This shows the government as the hight of their reign and we see how society has been shaped; forced to wear heat monitor chips that control and monitor their health and told how to think and what to do. Society is dying while the TAO tower over. 

Demographic:Men and women; ages 18-30 

How Does This Demographic Consume Media:Theatrical Release 

The Hero:The TAO because they are on top ruling over Alinea.

The Physical Goal:Begin the restrictions on Entertainment to only include Korean groups and they utilize Serum B to begin extending the lives of high ranking government officials.

The Emotional Goal:They finalized their plans in an ultimate take over of society and they are on top. 

Personal Obstacle:While climbing to the top they have created enemies along the way. 

The Villain:The Lost Cities; they began to rise up and start the New Railroad where Lost City citizens began trading lives with Alineannial's to insert themselves into Alinea.

Justification:They believe that the government has created too many restrictions and they are abusing the citizens of Alinea. 

Supporting Cast: The TAO, The Lost Cities ,Alineannials 



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