Logline: Getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time can lead to moral changes. 

Short Synopsis: The Lost Cities and Alanials have been switching their lives because the Alineals do not want to be under the order of The TAO and have been switching lives with the Lost Cities because they want to find out research behind what the TAO is doing.

Additive Comprehension: This shows how the idols began to "wake up" and realize the government is using them. They lead the way to leave the TAO and join the Lost Cities. 

Demographic: Men and Women; ages 18-30 

How Does This Demographic Consume Media:Film

The Hero: Seung Mal-Chin, one of the members of Edg3, an upcoming idol group sent to preform their music across America. He wakes up and realizes he's against the movement Korea is taking and helps recruit others to join the Manumit. 

The Physical Goal:The goal is for Seung Mal-Chin to keep his calm while figuring out how to separate himself for the overbearing TAO. 

The Emotional Goal:The hope is for him to be able to aid in releasing other suppressed Idols and Alineannial's.

Personal Obstacle:He is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time when a dead body is found with him near it.

The Villain:The TAO 

Justification:They are trying to pin Sung with not calling in a death, a fate punishable by imprisonment. 

Supporting Cast: Sung Mal-Chin , The TAO 

Locations: Alinea, The underground tunnels of Alinea and the Lost Cities 

Medium: Film

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