Logline: The Manumit is on the move to train, gather information, and advance on their plans to take down the overbearing government. 

Short Synopsis: Some of the Idols, The Lost Cities and The Chetonias get together, after The Lost Cities failed to take back Aliena, and had no help from the Nuwans , they gather all their knowledge and technology and prepare and train for the ultimate take down.

Additive Comprehension:The game play allows the user to find blueprints, plans, encrypted messages being sent between TAO offices. It allows the players to learn about the storyworld and history without having seen anything else. 

Demographic:Men; ages 18-35 

How Does This Demographic Consume Media:Video Game 

The Hero:The Manumit; an alliance between the Lost Cities and the Chetonians. 

The Physical Goal:To use the collection of knowledge among the Lost Cities and Chetonians to create a mission plan and train to take down the TAO. 

The Emotional Goal: To regain their world and save society from their oppressive leaders. 

Personal Obstacle:They must figure out how to gain access and defeat the government which is far larger than their own military.

The Villain:TAO miitary 

Justification:The TAO military keeps them at bay and is a constant force to be reckoned with as they continue mission plans. 

Supporting Cast:The Lost Cities ,Chetonians , The TAO 

Locations: Alinea borders,  The Lost Cities 

Medium:Video Game 

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