Logline: The Manumit rise up after years of preparing and commence their take down of the TAO through the use of combined knowledge and skill. 

Short Synopsis: The Manumit has come to Dovang Soon to take back their Alinea and with the use of their insight they got from one of the staffers in The TAO, they were able to know every move they were going to make and were able to make it known to the rest of Alinea that they need to be more aware of what their government can do if they continue to trust it.

Additive Comprehension:This is the final showdown between the world as we know it currently. Deaths, fallen governments, and rising powers are all situated within this story. 

Demographic: Men and women; ages 18-30 

How Does This Demographic Consume Media: Film 

The Hero: The Manumit 

The Physical Goal: To take down the TAO government and free the Alineannial's from their overbearing rule. 

The Emotional Goal: They must achieve saving society from being controlled by the TAO government. Everyone is held to follow a standard without complaint and the Manumit is here to end the suffering. 

Personal Obstacle: Accessing the Johns Hopkins Medical Center and then gaining access to Dovong Soon will prove difficult because they are clearly outnumbered. 

The Villain: The TAO

Justification: They want to remain in power and silence all others. 

Supporting Cast: The Manumit (Lost Cities/Chetonians), The TAO , Alineallials

Locations: Johns Hopkins Medical Research Center , Dovong Soon , Alinea 

Medium: Film

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