Marriage: No longer recognized or established; contracts are drawn up between people for beneficial gain. The Chetonians take on a fish mentality when it comes to reproduction and lifestyle.

Death: when someone dies they are supposed to be called in to be picked up by the government. Although the government knows the status of health and lifestyle based on the monitor all Alinea citizens have to have. They expect you to inform them nonetheless.The Chetonians eat their death in an elegant buffet celebration of their lives.

Birth: when families have children they are limited to two children in the household. The first is destined to become a government worker (based on social status and genders), the second child is destined to join the military and the third and beyond will be taken by from the mother prior to birth and used in the research growth of the government.

Religion: Nuwance- a mixture of Buddhism, Christianity, and Scientology. Dress: a modern street style with an editorial flare.

Education: all government ran public schools; all ages from 5-17 must attend after viewing a "pre-school" lesson from the government during the age of 4. University is based on your job placement provided by government.

Healthcare: all Alinea citizens have a chip implanted at birth and when healthcare is needed the chip administers the aid. The scare from the chip implant during open heart surgery is how authorities verify Alineallials citizens.



Glowing plants have been erupting in the world because of the radioactive material in their environment.



Mutated animals that have combined with different spieces to adapt to the new world. Underwater rapters, dinosuars living beneath the water and animals above have morphed into combination of old world animals.


KonSlang: English has become the main dialect of the world, but each region uses their original dialect for slang and curse words.

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