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THE NUWANCE: This is a self published comic book that will go into detail of how The Nuwon Gods were settles in the fire pit surrounded by water. It will cover a variety of different characters that attempt to go over the ice wall to get their guidance from the Nuwans.  

THE NEW RAILROAD: The New Railroad will be a web series , that will go into detail of the world underneath the tunnels where The Lost Cities members and Alinials would trade lives to gather more information.  

FAILING ALINEA: Failing Alinea is a big budget film of $250K budget, the film will go into great detail of how The Lost Cities have failed to regain their power back from The TAO . They will ask the Nuwans for help but they see that the world is not following their guidance that they will not support what they are doing and decide not to help the Lost Cities regain control.  

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