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False Idols: Will be youtube Videos covering the music of the Top Korean Artist and groups that will derail the Alinials attention from the chaos that the TAO has created for Alinea.  

Alinea Impending: Is a film that will go into detail about what happens after The Monument has taken back and risen up to what the government has done. This film will continue the story after Alinea is returned to its citizens.  

Upended: This will be a film that will show the take over of The Tao and how they came to control every means of the world they new Alinea, and how they restricted entertainment to only K-Pop music.

Manument: This will be a game in which would be a first player training game. This will show you the process in which The Lost Cities, Alinials and Chetonias come together to prepare and train with their wepons and brains to be able to throw down the TAO in the the main event showdown.  

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